Surface Mount Base Anchor Flange for 1.9" Swimming Pool Rail Handrail Ladder to Concrete or Wood Deck

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Brand: Myard


  • ▼ Fit composite or stainless steel tubing rails in outer diameter 1.90" = 1-7/8" = OD: 48.26mm. Base height: 3". 1-Pack.
  • ▼ Easier Installation: Surface mount base on concrete or wood decks for handrail, rail, ladder of swimming pool, spa, hot tub, stair, paveway, boat. An alternative to anchor sockets.
  • ▼ Mounting Hardware Included: 3 sets of Stainless Steel 304 ground screws, washers, and plastic anchors; 2 of hex socket head machine-processed screws; 1 of hexagon wrench.
  • ▼ Durable engineering nylon construction, corrosion-proof, and anti-UV. Maintenance free material and finish.
  • ▼ Taper cone shape + circular arc bevel edge design for better structural capacity, nice looking and safety (foot kicking).

Publisher: Myard

Details: ▼ Ideal for use with Saftron composite pool rails Colors are integral to the material, not an after-coat so they will never chip or flake off Non metallic composite material does not get hot in the sun. Immune to the corrosive effects of salt water chlorinator systems. ▼ Meet grounding codes when used to install non-metallic pool rails. Saftron's products are made of hard-shell composites that are unaffected by pool chemicals (chlorine, acid & salt). Durable, maintenance-free, salt-chlorinator proof & always cool to the touch. Available in 5 colors.