Myard Stainless Steel Pool Tool Holder Organizer Storage System for Swimming Pool Brushes, Leaf Rakes, Skimmers, Vacuum Heads, Telescopic Pole Cleaning Equipment Attachments (3 Holders)

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▼ Holder Diameter: 1-1/4" (32mm), same diameter as a standard pool pole. ▼ Fits most pool tools' handle in diameter 1-1/8" (29mm), such as brush, leaf rake, skimmer, vacuum head. ▼ For cleaning tools of swimming pool, spa hot tub, fountain, jacuzzi ...etc.

▼ This item includes 3 holders & 1 braided stainless steel loop to hang the holders on the wall or hook. Buy another set or more holders if you have more than 3 tools.

▼ 100% stainless steel #304 used. Long-lasting durability. Designed for outdoor storage.

▼ 4 holes on each holder for compact organization in 4 directions.

▼ Each holder can be stored on existing storage hooks or hangers.