MP UW38H4-DBR Umbrella Cone Wedge Spacer for Patio Table Hole Opening or Base 1.8 to 2.4 Inch, Umbrella Pole Diameter 1 1/2" (38mm, Dark Brown)

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  • ▼ Fits umbrella pole diameter 1 1/2 inch (38mm) ; Table hole opening / umbrella weight base hole diameter 1.8 to 2.4 inch (see images). ▼ Twist / rotate the cone wedge to fit in table hole. ▼ Lubricating oil / soap-suds / vaseline / sanding might be helpful in installation. ▼ No more swaying / wobbly umbrella.
  • ▼ Curved (see engineering drawing in second images) Tapered Design keeps the Umbrella properly seated and eliminates any rattles. ▼ Rubber Umbrella Cone Wedge works with any table and umbrella combination, helps to keep the umbrella properly centered over the table.
  • ▼ Installs in seconds and is easily removed for storage. We have two sizes for umbrella poles in diameter: 1 1/2" (38mm) or 1 3/8" (35mm). ▼ Additional 4 holes on the top for inserting flowers, pen, or table sign. ▼ 100% Brand New & Extra weather-resistant material used for outdoors.
  • ★ Installation: 1. Draw out the umbrella and pole from the hole on the patio table. 2. Install the MYARD Cone Wedge onto the umbrella pole. 3. Insert the umbrella and pole back to the hole on the patio table. 4. Spin and push the Cone Wedge downward gently in order to have it sinked into the hole compactly. (lube / oil / vaseline might help in doing this) 5. DONE