32-1/4 Inches Heavy Duty Straight Flat Facemount Iron Balusters with Screws (50-Pack)

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  • ▼ REAL IRON BALUSTER: Heavier, more durable, and better structural capacity and safe feel.
  • ▼ SPECIFICATIONS: Pack of 50. Length: 32-1/4". Width: 1". Thickness 1/8"(11 gauge). Powder-coated with AAMA-2604 compliant material, five times the outdoor exposure and twice the humidity exposure as AAMA-2603 - Matte Black.
  • ▼ BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE: Classis country style wrought iron look (not light aluminum). Archway design at both ends.
  • ▼ EASY INSTALLATION: 32-1/4" inch baluster for 36" rail height. Face mount installation with two holes (Each on both ends). Compatible with wood and composite railings.
  • ▼ Ideal for use with Myard post base, railing connector, post cap. ▼ 50 pcs of stainless steel screws (Hardness class #12.9 + Dacromet black coating)are INCLUDED in box.