38 Inches Heavy Duty Rectangle Facemount Iron Balusters with Screws (50-Pack)

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  • ▼ REAL IRON BALUSTER: Heavier, more durable, and better structural capacity and safe feel.
  • ▼ SPECIFICATIONS: Pack of 50. 38" length, 1" width, 1/2" depth. Powder-coated with AAMA-2604 compliant material, five times the outdoor exposure and twice the humidity exposure as AAMA-2603 - Matte Black.
  • ▼ BEAUTIFUL APPEARANCE: Myard Traditional Rectangle Iron Balusters offer classic, geometric styling. End caps at both ends.
  • ▼ EASY INSTALLATION: 38" inch baluster for 34"-36" (connect directly to the band board), or 40" or 44" (attach to the top and bottom rails) rail height. Face mount installation with four holes (two holes on both ends). Compatible with wood and composite railings.
  • ▼ Ideal for use with Myard post base, railing connector, post cap. ▼ 100 pcs of stainless steel screws (Hardness class #12.9 + Dacromet black coating)are included in box.