29-1/2 Inches Straight Flat Facemount Grooved Aluminum Balusters with Screws (25-Pack)

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★★ Unique Grooved Surface. ▼ ALUMINUM BALUSTER: Universal aluminum balusters provide a clean, stable and contemporary feel to your deck. Lightweight and never-rust alternative to wrought iron.

▼ SPECIFICATIONS: Grooved. Pack of 25. Length: 29"; Width 1"; Thickness 1/5". ▼ 50 pcs of stainless steel screws (Hardness class #12.9 + Dacromet black coating)are INCLUDE

▼ WEATHER RESISTANCE: Powder-coated with AAMA-2604 compliant material, five times of the outdoor exposure and twice the humidity exposure than AAMA-2603. ▼ Color: Matte Black.

▼ Compatible with wood, composite, aluminum and PVC deck railings. ▼ Ideal for use with Myard post base, railing connector, post cap.

▼ MADE IN TAIWAN: Quality products. ▼ Maintenance free and corrosion proof. ▼ Best solution for DIY deck railing refurbishment, small contractors, and local builders.